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Can an Insubordinate be a Valuable Employee?

Don't let an insubordinate employee worry you. Here's what to do.



An insubordinate employee can hurt the morale and success of a business. But do these disobedient employees have another side to them? In one instance, an employee might be disobedient because of flawed policies and rules. If they are a popular and instrumental key to your workforce then you may give them heed and listen to their reasoning behind being insubordinate. It could lead you to understanding why the business is running not as smoothly as you would like. It could turn things around with performance, and then you are the wiser employer.

Many insubordinate employees have trouble with authority, which could be hard coded into them, or it could be a response to outside circumstances. Take the time to get to know your employees. By talking to them when they first are insubordinate, you may uncover key issues outside work that have soured their attitude and caused them to respond negatively.

Not all insubordination can be valuable. Most of the time insubordinate employees cause poor work performance, and bring down the morale of the work environment. By taking the time to personally get involved in the mechanics of the environment, you can weed out the bad attitude and foster growth of positive criticism.

Firing underperforming and insubordinate employees.

Drafting Sample Employee Discipline Letter

It is important to remember a court can use the letter as legal evidence in the future, so it is important to draft a copy and have someone else in the human resource department review it. It is helpful to have templates ready ahead of time that management has drafted and reviewed with the help of legal counsel.

The sample employee discipline letter we provided is a guide. The idea behind the discipline letter is to provide a paper trail for future reference. If the employee’s behavior does not improve, then managers can use this invaluable documentation to clarify the procedures taken to warn the employee that they may lose their job if they did not change.

The manager should mail the sample employee discipline letter to an employee or hand it to them directly. If you choose to mail the letter to the employee, then be certain you use certified mail. You do not want the employee claiming they did not receive the letter, in case further action has to be done. It may even be wise to include a receipt notice that they have to sign and return to the human resource office. In this way, a business owner or manager eliminates liability on their part and can hold the employee solely responsibility for any future missteps.

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